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Beyond the Sky
(NuNoise Records)

Rob Schwimmer: Piano

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Theremin Noir
(November Music NVR2005-2 import)

SOLD OUT Rob Schwimmer: theremin, daxophone, accordion, toys
Mark Feldman: violin
Uri Caine: piano

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Haken Continuum:The Haken Continuum Trio plays Arvo Pärt's Fratres at ContinuuCon 2017
The Haken Continuum Trio plays Bach's Air on the G String at ContinuuCon 2017
Beck vs Rachmaninoff
The Beatles' "Because" on the Haken Continuum
Theremin:Scène d'Amour
Theremin w. Bobby McFerrin (PL)
Rob Schwimmer checks out LUCIE BIGELOW ROSEN'S 1938 THEREMIN (built by Theremin!) pt. 1
Playing theremin w. The orchestra of St. Luke's @ Caramoor
Piano: Piano with Bobby McFerrin (PL)
When You Wish Upon A Star
In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning
Paralysis and The Circle Song
I Would Talk With My Dad
Suite featuring Waltz for Clara
Hello Again (Part II)
Hello Again & Ostinato
Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?
Exploration/All the Things You Are
Octet (from Light In The Piazza)
CcHhOoPPIiNn with Introduction
Paralysis/Circle Song

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